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Tractors and Machinery

Murshid Farm Industries supplied tractors and machinery is well known for their performance and efficiency. We manufacture farm machinery / agricultural machinery and other kinds of machinery which are used for constructional and maintenance purposes. Our constructional and maintenance machinery includes excavator, fork lift truck, work platforms and truck mounted crane. Our tractor farm machinery / agricultural machinery are compatible to Massey Ferguson tractors. As agricultural machinery manufacturers we are most conscious to the quality and performance of our agricultural machines. Our company’s engineers use cutting edge technology to manufacture farm machinery / agricultural machinery.

Murshid Farm Industry also manufactures tuk tuk / rickshaw or three wheeler. These tuk tuk / rickshaw are available in different sizes and colors. We also have manufacture tuk tuk / rickshaw containers and loaders which are used to transport industrial goods and luggages. These tuk tuk / rickshaw run on petrol, liquefied petroleum gas (L.P.G) and compressed natural gas(C.N.G).

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