Murshid Farm Our Services Industries Welcome to Murshid Farm Industries where you will get Products,
Machinery, Services, and Support related to Land and Agriculture.
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Provide Solution Our Services For Agricultural The leading Agricultural Implements and Machinery
manufacturing firm of Pakistan since 1970.
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Quality Our Services With Price Murshid Farm Industries Offer the best combination
in Price, Economy, and High Standards.
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About Our Factory

Murshid Farm Industries (MFI)
Since 1965, Murshid Farm Industries has delivered products, machinery, services, and support to people who are associated with the land. It all started as a small agricultural business but, Murshid Farm Industries excelled to become one of the most reputable Massey Ferguson tractors suppliers in Pakistan and across the Globe.
All sorts of Agriculture Implements and Products.
After Sale Services that Guarantee Optimum Output.
Several installed Machinery in our Factory to meet your Demands.


We put Solid Commitment in Every Project that we start for Our Valued Customers


We believe that Modern Challenges require Innovation and Technology

Quality Assurance

Our Machinery, Products, and Services contain 100% Trustable Quality

Company Overview

Murshid Farm Industries (MFI) is a Pakistani-based company specializing in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of agricultural machinery and implements. With a strong emphasis on research and development, MFI has consistently introduced cutting-edge technologies to enhance farm operations and meet the evolving needs of farmers worldwide. The company offers a diverse product portfolio, including tractors, tillers, planters, harvesters, seeders, sprayers, and more.

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