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TRACTOR MOUNTED BOOM SPRAYER (500 liter – 45 feet)

With the characteristics of large spraying width, great capacity, and high efficiency, the mounted boom sprayer is the ideal machine for medium and large tractors. It has high working pressure, and large flow, and is easy to be operated and maintained. This sprayer is greatly used to prevent and cure plant diseases and insect pests in gardens or on the fields of Soybean, Wheat, Corn, Rice, Cotton, or Potatoes.

  1. Tank volume from 600 L to 1200 L, spraying width from 35 Feet, the user could choose the specific model according to the actual working status.
  2. The machine is using four link type balancing system, stable and reliable.
  3. Quadruple filtering, to prevent the nozzle clogging.
  4. Self-cleaning nozzle, very convenient to clean and maintain.
  5. A special agitating system makes the mixing to be fully and evenly.
  6. Using high-intensity PVC flexible tube that could bear corrosion and high pressure, without cracking problems.


Application For spraying field crops
Spray tank capacity (L) 500
Boom width 13.7 m, 5 sections with 03 supply lines
Boom height (adjustable) 200 – 1800 mm through screw rod (30 mm dia.) / chain winch
Nozzle tips (imported) 02 sets hollow cone, 0.8 L/min @ 3 bar
01 set flat fan, 0.8 L/min @ 3 bar
Nozzle spacing 500 mm
Pump Plunger, PTO driven, capacity (80 – 100 L/min.) @ pressure 25 bar
Pressure gauge 0 – 25 kg/cm glycerin filled
Pressure control valve Adjustable with 03 sections independent delivery and tank return valve with spring loaded pressure/flow regulator
U.J. shaft 01 No.
Agitator Provided
Tractor power ≥ 50 hp
Overall Dimensions
Length 1200 mm ± 10 mm
Width (folded) 3300 mm ± 30 mm
Height 1700 mm ± 20 mm
Weight ≥ 275 kg
Material Specifications
Frame 65 × 50 × 4 mm M.S. channel box and M.S. angle 50 × 9 mm with 62 × 12 mm M.S. plate hitch
Boom sliding (frame) C-Shaped, 75 × 60 mm M.S. formed sheet 4 mm or Z-shaped made of M.S. sheet 6 mm
Boom frame spacer 125 × 65 × 5 mm M.S. channel
Tank Synthetic (fiber-glass with graduated scale)
Boom Sections


Spring loaded (a back-lash mechanism)

01 No. M.S. box 50 × 38 × 4 mm, and 02 Nos. supports
02 Nos. M.S. 50 × 30 × 30 mm, 12 gauge with supports
02 Nos. M.S. 50 × 30 × 30 mm, 16 gauge with supports of 25 × 12 mm M.S. pipe

Paint Double coat with primer after surface finish
Nuts and Bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Origin of nozzle tips UK/Nothern America/Western/Nothern Europe, Japan, and Australia
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service

Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment


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