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With the characteristics of large spraying width, great capacity and high efficiency, mounted boom sprayer is the ideal machine for medium and large tractors. It has high working pressure, large flow and is easy to be operated and maintained. This sprayer is greatly used to prevent and cure plant diseases and insect pets in garden or on the fields of Soybean, Wheat, Corn, Rice, Cotton or Potatoes.

  1. Tank volume from 600 L to 1200 L, spraying width from 35 Feet, the user could choose the specific model according to the actual working status.
  2. The machine is using four link type balancing system, stable and reliable.
  3. Quadruple filtering, to prevent the nozzle clogging.
  4. Self-cleaning nozzle, very convenient to clean and maintain.
  5. Special agitating system make the mixing to be fully and evenly.
  6. Using high intensity PVC flexible tube that could bear corrosion and high pressure, without cracking problems.


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