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Massey Ferguson MF 240 (2WD 50HP)

The Most Popular Tractor In The Country

Most Economical in 50HP Range

Fuel Efficient, High Performance Engine.

Rugged, Maneuverable and Compact.

Ideal & Versatile.

Spring Suspension deluxe Seat.

Availability of parts & service facilities at your doorstep.



1. Introducing MF-240


Murshid Farm Industries is proud to introduce our latest tractor, the Massey Ferguson 240. This tractor has been designed for Pakistan’s unique agricultural conditions and offers a range of features that are not available on other comparable tractors. With a powerful engine and a sturdy frame, the MF-240 is built to last and perform under the most demanding conditions.


2. What to look for in tractor MF-240


When looking for a Massey Ferguson tractor, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The most important factor is what you will be using the tractor for. If you are primarily using it for farming, then you need something with a lot of power. If you will be using it for smaller tasks around the house, then you may not need as much power and can save money by choosing a smaller tractor. Other factors to consider include the attachments you need, the fuel type, and the comfort of the driver and passengers. Truck accident attorney los angeles.


3. Special features of MF-240


Massey Ferguson 240 is a high-performing tractor that is perfect for a variety of applications. some of its special features include: -A powerful engine that delivers excellent power and torque for heavy-duty work -A transmission with 8 forward and 8 reverse gears that provides a wide range of speeds to match any application -Category-leading loader lift capacity and loading geometry that makes light work of loading and unloading -A rugged design with a durable cab and chassis that can handle the most challenging environments. Truck accident attorney los angeles.


4. How to buy MF-240


The MF-240 tractor is the latest launch from Murshid Farm Industries. It’s a high-quality tractor that’s perfect for a wide range of applications, from agriculture to construction. If you’re looking for a reliable, durable tractor that’s built to last, the MF-240 is a perfect choice. To purchase the MF-240 tractor, you can visit any of our authorized dealers or contact us directly. We have a wide network of dealers across Pakistan, and we’re always expanding our reach to provide our customers with the best possible service.


Massey Ferguson MF 240 (2WD 50HP) Specifications

Engine Power at 2,250 RPM 50 (B.S.) hp*
Torque at 1,400 Engine rpm 172 Nm
PTO Power at rated engine speed 44 hp**
* Certified to BS AU 141a: (1971)
** Manufacturer’s estimate
Type Diesel / AD 3.1524
No. of Cylinders 3
Injection Direct
Bore 91.5 mm
Stroke 127 mm
Capacity (liters) 2.5
Compression ratio 15.5.1
Aspiration Natural
Starting aid Thermostat
Throttle Control Hand and foot
Cooling Water
Air Cleaner Type Oil bath
Air Pre-Cleaner Over bonnet
Fuel filter Dual, high capacity
Exhaust Vertical
Voltage 12V, Negative Earth
Battery 118 Ah
Starter motor 2.2 KW
Alternator 32 Amp.
Type Dual-clutch
Diameter 305*254 mm
Type Sliding Spur
Number of gears 8 forward, 2 reverse
Road speed at 2,250 engine rpm with 12.4/11-28 rear tires
Gear Speed (km/hr)
Forward 1 (First Low) 2.5
Forward 2 3.7
Forward 3 5.0
Forward 4 6.7
Forward 5 (First High) 10.0
Forward 6 14.7
Forward 7 20.1
Forward 8 27.0
Reverse 1 (Low) 3.4
Reverse 2 (High) 13.6
Power Take-Off
Type Live
Engine speed at 540 PTO rpm 1,789 rpm
Shaft diameter 35 mm
No. of splines 6
Functions Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Constant Pumping
Pump Type Reciprocating Ferguson Pump
Oil Flow 16 / min
Pressure 19.2 MPa
Lift capacity with lower links horizontal 1,415 kg
Lower Links With Cat. I & II interchangeable balls
Front Axle
Type Box Section, Adjustable
Type Manual
Rear Axle And Brakes
Brake Type Outboard drum brakes
Actuation Mechanical Independent or locked together
Parking Brake Hand Lever Operated
Differential Lock Mechanical
Gauges Tachometer, Houmeter, Fuel Level, Battery condition & Water Temperature
Warning lights Direction indicators, Battery charge, Headlight main beam, Low engine oil pressure, Brake lights & Auxiliary socket
Front 6.00-16 (6 PR)
Rear 12.4/11-28 (6 PR)
Track Adjustment
Front 1,245 – 1,854 mm
Rear 1,219 – 1,930 mm
Weight And Dimensions (Approx.)
(With 6.00-16 front and 12.4/11-28 rear wheel and with full fuel, oil, and water)
Gross Weight 1,650 kg
Wheelbase 1,892 mm
Overall length 3,260 mm
Overall width (min) 1,651 mm
Over Exhaust 2,145 mm
Over Steering Wheel 1,410 mm
Turning circle


If you have a farm, or home garden, or if you just love agriculture and want to work on your own then the Massey Ferguson MF-240 tractor is the right machine for you. It has a working width of 5 meters with an air suspension seat so it makes it easy for anyone to ride comfortably. The rear-wheel drive enables the driver to have better control over heavy equipment.

Download Specifications In PDF File:

👉 Massey Ferguson MF-240 (Specifications)


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