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The Offset Disc Harrow has a heavier weight per Disc and thus has the penetration ability to break down large clods normally left after disc plowing or Chisel Plowing on hard grounds. It is of robust construction, used as mounted or trailed, and ideal for chopping and mixing of stubbles and crop residues in the soils.

The disc Harrow prepares the seedbed leaving the soil in granular form which is the most suitable structure for plant growth. It aerates the soil, helps to conserve moisture for longer periods, and eradicates weeds.

In sandy loam soils, this implement can also be used as a primary tillage implement. The depth of plowing is regulated simply by manipulating the offset angles of the gauges. By removing simply a pin, the mounted position can be converted into trailed position and vice versa.


Application For tilling and incorporation of crop residue into the soil
Front gang Notched
Rear gang Plain
Disc spacing 220 mm
Tractor power ≥ 50 hp
Overall Dimensions

Mounted position
Trailed position


2200 mm ± 20 mm
3400 mm ± 30 mm

Width 2200 mm ± 20 mm

Mounted position
Trailed position


1725 mm ± 20 mm
940 mm ± 10 mm

Weight (min.) 850 kg ± 10 kg
Material Specifications
Main frame M.S. box 150 × 150 × 5 mm or rolled channel 6 mm M.S. sheet
Mast (A-frame) Inverted T-type, M.S. box 75 × 75 × 5 mm
Hitch assembly 30 mm dia. M.S. round hook, 18 mm M.S. plate bracket, rotatable
Hitch brackets 25 mm M.S. plate
Disc 608 mm dia., 4.5 mm thick, hardened steel (HRC ≥ 40)
Disc spacer Cast Iron with male-female hex
Disc scraper 5 – 6 mm M.S. sheet
Gang shaft 68 – 70 mm M.S. round
Gang angling beam M.S. box 75 × 75 × 5 mm, angle iron reinforced with M.S. flat 62 × 6 mm carrying adjusting holes
Pivot assembly C-Type yoke/bracket, 50 mm M.S. plate, and 6 mm M.S. sheet, with M.S. bush 9 mm wall thickness and 44 – 45 mm dia. pin
Disc gang standard 15 mm M.S. plate reinforced or box 5 – 6 mm M.S. sheet
Transport wheel 02 Nos. 6.00 – 16, pneumatic, rim 18 kg (min)
Bearing 04 Nos. 6208
Paint Double coat with primer after surface finish
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Bearings European standard or Equivalent
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service
Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment

Download Specifications In PDF File:

👉 Offset Disc Harrow (16 Discs) (Specifications)


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