Application For extraction of olive oil from olive fruit
Type of machine All-in-one type/compact and easy-to-use olive oil extraction machine
Oil extraction capacity 100 kg fruit per hour
Fruit de-leafing and washing system A complete section with leaf remover with grid, fan, and SS tank for fruit collection and washing/resining fitted with olive feeding elevated screw conveyor to mill
Hammer crushing mill Fruit crushing four (04) spokes hammer type mill with high rotary speed, strong SS grid (all made of food grade SS 316) fitted with SS screw conveyor with a hatch for crushed fruit from mill to malaxer tank
Malaxer Horizontal malaxer tank made of SS 316 fitted with discharge valve and level sensor, malaxer jacket fitted with hot water circulation system complete with an electrical heating thermostat for maintaining water and paste temperatures
Transfer pump for decanter Malaxer fitted with transfer pump for the paste to decanter
Extraction system 2-phase compact type decanter with all parts of extraction system consists of food grade, corrosive free drop-forged heat treated stainless steel. The main motor is coupled with it by a toothed belt to avoid any slippage. Main motor overload protection safety sensor. Extraction speed with rotation speed control driver
Pump for pomace Extraction system fitted with pomace evacuation pump with screw conveyor
Oil collector Extraction system equipped with food grade SS oil collection tank with strainer and oil filtration unit
Electrical control panel Complete (as per requirement)
Electrical power 220 V AC-50 HZ single-phase connection
Accessories 1. Onsite rapid oil quality analyzer with for free fatty acid, peroxide value, and polyphenols with all tests kit and other operational accessories
2. Olive oil filling machine with filling range of 5 – 3500 mL with single head bottle ALU capping and sealing machine
3. Special lubes for all working parts of the olive oil extraction machinery must be supplied at delivery/installation
Installation Complete Operational installation and commissioning of the extraction unit at the site including electrical and plumbing as per project requirements under the supervision of the foreign manufacturing firm’s engineer
Training 2 – 3 days of installation and operational training will be provided at the site by the firm’s technical staff
Literature English/Urdu
Warranty Free: 01 year for parts and service
Extended: 05 years for parts supply on payments
Origin Imported
Overall length 1610 mm
Overall width 900 mm
Overall height 1670 mm
Weight 400 kg

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👉 Olive Oil Extraction Machine (Specifications)


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