Application For chopping of paddy straw
Working width 1800 ± 20 mm
Rotor speed ≥ 2000 rpm @ 540 PTO rpm
Universal Joint Shaft Provided
Type of machine Tractor rear mounted
Linkage type Cat-II
Effective field capacity ≥ 0.75 acre/h
Field efficiency > 80%
Overall Dimensions
Length 1400 ± 20 mm
Width 2130 ± 20 mm
Height 960 ± 20 mm
Weight (Approx.) 450 kg ± 10 kg
Material Specifications
Main frame M.S. plate 4 mm welded with M.S. square pipe 75 x 6 mm at the front and welded with M.S. plates 9 mm on sides, reinforced with 50 x 6 mm angle box at the top, M.S. flat 50 x 6 mm at the right angle with side plates. The top cover of M.S. plate 4 mm reinforced with M.S. flat 50 x 6 mm pivoted with the mainframe and adjustable at the rear end, M.S. pipe of 75 mm O.D, 6 mm wall thickness welded at the rear end with side plates
A frame (Mast) M.S. rect. boxes 75 x 50 x 6 mm with support of M.S. angle box 50 x 6 mm
Hitch M.S. plate 15 mm thickness
Flappers M.S. sheet 180 x 145 x 3 mm (LxWxT) each pivoted with M.S. round 25 mm
Rotor M.S. pipe outer diameter 160 mm, 6 mm wall thickness, and 60 mm dia. M.S. axle on both ends
Cutter Blades 112 No’s, 5 mm thick 40 mm width, 180 mm long and the edge sharpened up to 100 mm, from the bottom & Widthwise Sharpening up to 10 mm, I-type 14 pairs of blades (HRC ≥ 40) hinged in four rows with brackets of MS Flat of 50 x 50 x 8 mm with spacer bush of length 22 mm, 10 mm apart, spacer bush 35 mm outer dia. and side collar length 6 mm on both with outer diameter 22 mm
Rear Roller M.S. pipe 114 mm dia. 6 mm wall thickness and 40 mm axle ends welded on sides fitted with M.S. plate 12 mm for adjustment with M.S. Angle Scrapper
Gearbox Cast iron with Air Vent
Gears Steel gears, heat treated
Belt Tightener A proper Belt Tightener will be Provided
Drive system 03 Nos. belts, three groove C type, 355 mm dia. pulley on gear side and 175 mm dia. on the rotor
Belt cover 2 mm sheet
Bearings 01 No. 7512 and 7309 and 6210 in the gearbox
02 Nos. 6312 of the main rotor and 02 UC 208 of the roller
02 No. 6210 at the drive shaft and 02 Nos. 6205 at belt tightener
Parking Stand M.S. box 50 x 50 x 6 mm, with M.S. plate 6 mm welded at the bottom
Paint Double coat with primer after the surface finish
Bearings European standard or equivalent
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Accessories 02 Nos. sets of belts, 01 No. set of blades with nuts & bolts
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service

Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment


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