Water Bowser is used for storage & supply of water for (1) Watering plants (2) Road spray (3) Agricultural purposes (4) Horticulture (5) Construction applications (6) Fire Extinguishers during fire hazards. A sheet partition is provided for the tank’s stability against jerks created by water during transportation.


Material Specifications
Description Trailer Mounted
Capacity 1250 G / 1500 G / 1750 G
Sheet 3 mm
Frame 8” × 3” channel type, reinforced
Filling Points 02 × filling points
Tank Fixing on frame 1250 Gallons: Two-point padding
1500 Gallons: Three-point padding
Ladder 01 No. (Two-point padding)
Road Sprinkler 1 No. at rear side
Shape Oval/semi-elliptical: ensuring a low center of gravity
Tyres/Rims 4 No. (9.00 × 20)
Drain Value 02 No. (Via pump & bottom tank)
Filling Device Water set (Centrifugal Pump) 2” × 2.5” with ball Valves & necessary fitting with PTO Drive
Delivery House 2” × 100 ft., canvas
Suction House 3” × 20 ft. for suction from any external source like a pound, reinforced PVC
Inside Paint Antirust
Water Gun

(Optional on order)

Water gun for distant spray (70 ft) for washing trees etc.

Capable of rotating 3600  horizontally & 900 vertically

Note: Special specs Water Bowsers can also be supplied


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