Application For collecting and chopping of wheat straw after combining harvester operation
Working width 2300 mm or above
Wheels 02 Nos. 7.50 – 16, 12 PR
Tractor power ≥ 65 hp
Field Capacity ≥ 1.0 acre/hr
Overall Dimensions
Length 3700 mm ± 30 mm
Width 2700 mm ± 20 mm
Height 2100 mm ± 20 mm
Weight ≥ 2100 kg
Material Specifications
Hitch 100 x 100 x 5 mm M.S. box
Toe hook U-type 17 mm M.S. plate rotatable
Trolley hook U-type 25 mm M.S. plate rotatable
Main frame 5 mm M.S. formed sheet on both sides
Back side frame 150 x 75 x 5 mm M.S. box
Hydraulic phis 02 Nos. 12 mm dia. M.S. pipe
Gearbox Cast iron/M.S. casting, with a 1:1 ratio
U.J. shaft 01 No. standard quality forged yokes
Reel Assembly
Reel pipe 06 Nos. 32 mm dia. M.S. pipe with 2 mm wall thickness
Reel plates 03 Nos. 14 gauge M.S. steel formed, hexagonal
Reel shaft 58 mm dia. M.S. pipe 2.5 mm wall thickness
Collectors 72 Nos. straw collectors, 5 mm spring steel
Bearings 02 Nos. UCP 207
Cutter Bar Assembly
Cutter bar length 2360 mm
Blades 31 – 33 Nos. triangular 75 mm, HRC 50 – 60
Blade guards Steel cast/forged steel
Drive system Wobble box of combine harvester 1:1 ratio
Skids 02 Nos. 62 x 12 mm M.S. flat
Auger Assembly
Auger frame 3 mm M.S. sheet, both sides
Auger dia. 250 mm M.S. pipe with 2 mm wall thickness
Auger flights 95 x 2 mm M.S. sheet
Auger lugs 20 Nos. semicircular formed M.S. sheet 100 x 2 mm fitted with nut & bolts on 2 mm base plate
Auger bearings UCP/UCF, 207/208
Auger axle 40 mm dia. M.S. round axles 02 Nos.
Auger sprocket & chain Sprocket 12 mm face width, 60 # chain
Intermediate & sieve shaft 40 mm dia. M.S. round
Feeder shaft 45 mm M.S. round, with 02 Nos. appropriate size bearings
Threshing Drum Assembly
Threshing drum rims & rings 05 Nos. (03 Nos. rims & 02 Nos. rings) 582 mm dia. MS. formed sheet/steel casting
Threshing drum shaft 66 mm M.S. round with 02 Nos. appropriate size universal type bearings
Threshing bar 16 Nos. 1475 x 50x 9 mm M.S. flat
Threshing blades & concave 280 Nos. 50 – 60 HRC
Sieve 18 gauge M.S. sheet 4.5 mm hole dia.
Grain tray M.S. sheet 16-gauge can hold 40 kg grains
Blower Assembly
Fan 2 Nos. each with 4-wings, M.S. sheet 4 mm thickness
Blower shaft 66 mm M.S. round with 02 Nos. appropriate size universal type bearings
Blower body 2 mm and 3 mm M.S. sheet in front of the fan’s face
Blower pipe Moveable, 14 gauge M.S. sheet with extension pipe 16 gauge
Paint Double coat with primer after the surface finish
Bearings European Standard or equivalent
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service

Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment

Download Specifications In PDF File:

👉 Wheat Straw Chopper Blower (Specifications)


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