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Potato Planter is used for planting potato crops. Chain system cups are used. The machine is mounted on a three-point linkage of a tractor. There is no need to give feed to tuber by labor to an automatic planter.

A fertilizer box system is introduced to get more production.


Adjustable depth and planting spacing as desired by the farmer. No additional labor is required by placing missed seeds in cups in an automatic planter. Time and labor saving as compared to the traditional method. It shows in rows. Easy to operate and maintain.


Application For Ridge making & Planting
No. of rows 02
Ridge spacing 660 – 762 mm, adjustable
Power transmission Through ground wheel mechanism
Seedbox capacity 300 – 350 kg
Seed rate Adjustable
Tractor power ≥ 50 hp
Overall Dimensions
Length 1800 mm ± 20 mm
Width 1950 mm ± 20 mm
Height 1750 mm ± 20 mm
Weight (min.) 550 kg ± 10 kg
Material Specifications
Main Frame 100 x 100 x 5 mm, M.S. channel box, reinforced with 100 x 45 x 5 mm M.S. channels
Mast (A-frame) 10 mm, M.S. sheet, 18 mm M.S. plate & 38 mm M.S. round bar Tine 75 x 25 mm M.S. plate
Wings 8 mm, M.S. formed sheet
Share Steel Cast
Ground wheel 12 gauge M.S. sheet 600 mm dia., with 38 x 5 mm M.S. angle pegs
Seedbox 16 gauge M.S. formed sheet
Conveyor belt 200 x 6 mm rubber belt with 90 Nos. M.S. or plastic buckets
Seed furrow opener 50 x 50 x 5 mm M.S. box with 4 mm M.S. sheet
Power transmission 60 # roller chain, 45 mm drive shaft & 35 mm driven shaft
Bearings 04 Nos. 6006
04 Nos. 6205
02 Nos. 6208
Paint Double coat with primer after surface finish
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Bearings European Standard or Equivalent
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service
Extended: 5 years for parts supply payment

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