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Land leveling, yard cleaning, farm road grading, snow clearing, ditching and terracing, backfilling, and earth moving: are some of the many jobs that you can do with this versatile tool.

–  With the grader wheel installed, hydraulic position control holds the blade at the chosen depth for fine leveling.

–  Angle and pitch of blade adjustable from the tractor seat.

–  Blade pitch is adjustable from 0° to 40° degree by the screw lever in reach of the tractor seat.

–  The blade can be completely reversed for backfilling.

–  For Access to an awkward place it can be offset to either side.

–  An alternative hitch pin for the right and lower link allows the blade to be tilted for digging ditches or irrigation channels.


A tractor-mounted multipurpose rear blade is a versatile piece of agricultural equipment designed to attach to the rear of a tractor. Its primary function is to level, grade, or move material like soil, gravel, or snow. Below is a detailed description of how it works:


Mounting Frame: The rear blade is attached to the tractor through a mounting frame, often compatible with a three-point hitch system.

Blade: This is the metal plate used for pushing or leveling material. It’s typically made from high-carbon steel for durability.

Adjustment Mechanisms: These include hydraulics or mechanical levers that can adjust the blade’s angle, height, and tilt.

Optional Add-ons: Some models come with skid shoes, ripper teeth, or additional hydraulic controls for enhanced functionality.

Working Mechanism:

Step 1: Attachment

The rear blade is attached to the tractor using a three-point hitch system or another mounting mechanism, depending on the tractor model.

Step 2: Configuration

The operator uses the adjustment mechanisms to set the blade at the desired angle, height, and tilt for the task at hand. For example, the blade can be set at a certain angle for grading or leveled for simply moving material.

Step 3: Operation

The tractor is driven forward or backward, and the blade moves the material to level, grade, or clear the area.

Step 4: Adjustments

During operation, the blade’s angle and height can be adjusted as needed, sometimes even on-the-go through hydraulic systems.

Step 5: Task Completion

Once the task is complete, the blade can be lifted off the ground using the tractor’s hydraulic system or mechanical levers, allowing for easy maneuvering.


Versatility: A multipurpose rear blade can be used for various tasks like leveling land for farming, grading roads, or clearing snow.

Efficiency: It makes quick work of tasks that would take much longer if done manually.

Cost-Effectiveness: The attachment can turn a regular tractor into a multi-functional piece of equipment, reducing the need for multiple machines.

Ease of Use: Once attached and configured, it is relatively easy to operate, often requiring only basic tractor operation skills.

Precision: Advanced models with hydraulic controls allow for more precise adjustments, leading to more accurate work.

Whether you are an experienced farmer or a property owner in need of land maintenance, a tractor-mounted multipurpose rear blade offers an efficient and versatile solution for a variety of tasks.


Mounting construction: Category 1, three-point linkage

Entirely steel frame, Reversible high carbon steel cutting edge

Blade Angle: Adjustable 0° to 70° in two increments to either side and similarly with blade facing rearward
Blade pitch: Adjustable 0° to 40°
Blade Width: 7 ft.
Overall length: 5 ft. (with grader wheel)
Weight: 170 Kg
Accessories: Grader wheel kit
Tractor Compatibility: 35-885 hp

Download Specifications In PDF File:

👉 Multi-Purpose Rear Blade (Specifications)


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