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The Disc Harrow (14 Disc) is a cutting-edge agricultural tool designed for efficient soil preparation. With its 14 sturdy discs, it excels in breaking up soil clods, integrating crop residues, and creating a smooth seedbed. Ideal for enhancing soil aeration and promoting healthy crop growth, this harrow is an indispensable asset for modern farming.



Brought to you by Murshid Farm Industries, the Offset Disc Harrow, specifically the 14 Disc Harrow, is a marvel in modern agricultural machinery. Engineered meticulously as a premier soil leveling tool, it stands out as an essential tractor attachment for those serious about top-notch field preparation.


  • Design: With its 14 discs, this harrow is designed to handle even the most challenging terrains, making it an indispensable heavy soil equipment.
  • Attachment Compatibility: Crafted to be a seamless addition to most tractors, ensuring smooth integration and optimal performance.
  • Construction: Built with durability in mind, it promises longevity and consistent performance, upholding the reputation of Murshid Farm Industries.


  1. Soil Transformation: As a leading soil breaking implement, it ensures thorough soil breaking and aeration, promoting healthier root growth and improved crop yields.
  2. Versatility: Whether it’s for general farm tillage or specialized tasks like soil leveling, this tilling tool proves its worth time and again.
  3. Residue Management: Its design ensures that crop remnants are integrated back into the soil, preparing the field for the next planting season.
  4. Durability: As a piece of high-quality harrow equipment, it’s built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-term service.
  5. Ease of Attachment: Its design as a tractor attachment ensures it integrates effortlessly with various tractor models, making field preparation a breeze.


  1. Initial Cost: As a specialized piece of disc farming equipment available for sale, there might be a significant initial investment, but its benefits in terms of efficiency and soil health often justify this expense.
  2. Maintenance: Regular upkeep is essential to ensure it operates at its peak efficiency, especially given its intricate disc system.
  3. Weight: Given its robust construction, it might be on the heavier side, demanding powerful tractors for optimal performance.
  4. Space Requirement: Proper storage is necessary to protect it from environmental elements, demanding dedicated space in a shed or barn.
  5. Learning Curve: Harnessing its full potential might require some training, especially for those new to agricultural implements.

For those in South Asia, the Offset Disc Harrow in Pakistan has been recognized as a game-changer in crop cultivation. With the backing of Murshid Farm Industries, farmers can be assured they are investing in a tool that is at the forefront of agricultural implements.

Models MFI-14 (D)
No. of Discs. 14 Discs
Disc Size 61 cm (24″)
Weight 590 Kgs.
Working width 145 cm (57″)
Tractor Compatibility 50 HP – 75 HP

Download Specifications In PDF File:

👉 Offset Disc Harrow (14 Discs) (Specifications)


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