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Application For sowing of wheat crop in rice stubble field after combine harvesting
Type of Machine Tractor rear mounted
Linkage type Car-II
Number of rows 10
Row spacing 200 – 225 mm adjustable
Seed and Fertilizer box Placed above the main frame and fixed with rotor side plates
Seed and Fertilizer box capacity 60 kg each
Universal shaft Provided
Effective field capacity 1.0 arce/h
Field efficiency 65 %
Overall Dimensions
Overall Width 2325 mm ± 20 mm
Working Width 1990 mm ± 20 mm
Overall Length 1340 mm ± 15 mm
Height 1280 mm ± 10 mm
Weight (Approx.) 700 kg
Material Specifications
Main Frame M.S. box 85 × 85 × 6 mm welded with M.S. plate on both ends and bolted with side sheets
Side plates 8 mm M.S. plate on both sides
Rotor Shield cover 3 mm M.S. sheet welded with side plates, angle iron box on the front side, and M.S. strip at the back side
Rotor (drum) with shaft M.S. pipe 1960 mm long, the outer diameter of 140 mm and 5 mm thick fitted with bubs and shafts of 40 mm diameter for mounting bearings
Cutter blade/flails 20 pairs Y type or U-type (40 blades) 2-knives welded with bush and pivoted with high tensile bolt 12 mm with lock nuts on the rotor in 4 rows at alternate intervals
Knife size 185 mm × 50 mm × 7 mm (spring steel HRC ≥ 40) sharpened edge on both sides
Tines and shanks 10 tines semi-circular in shape made of M.S. plate 16 mm at the sharpened front face, 5 mm thick M.S. sheet for furrow opener with carbon steel tips (HRC > 50) or T-type  opener welded on the cutting edge
Tine clamps 20 U-shaped spring steel clamps of 10 mm diameter with nut and spring washer
Depth control 02 steel wheels or rubber wheels, the outer diameter of 340 mm or as per manufacturer’s standard for tines depth control
Power transmission Gearbox 1:1.72, 1200 to 1350 RPM, and transmission shaft of 60 mm diameter covered in the casing. Triple grooved pulleys at transmission and rotor shaft with C-type bolts with proper belt adjuster. M.S. 16 gauge sheet cover for belts.
Seed-cum fertilizer box M.S. sheet 18 gauge 2335 mm long trapezoidal shape divided into two box halves, both side width 510 mm, height 250 mm
Boxes lids M.S. sheet 18 gauge with reinforced at center with hooked type locks
Delivery tubes Seed and fertilizer plastic tubes 3 mm wall thickness, transparent flexible, fixed with clamp on both sides seed and fertilizer metering device
Fluted Rollers Nylon stator and brush
Roller drive shaft M.S. round 22 mm
Seed rate Adjustable through calibrated slide lever
Rotor shaft bearing 02 Nos. UCF-208 sealed with grease filling facility
Seed and fertilizer shaft bearings 02 Nos. UCL-205 sealed with grease filling facility
Paint Double coat with primer after the surface finish
Bearings (New) NTN, SKF, NSK, or equivalent
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Lubrication Filled with proper lubrication of PSO lubricant of requisite grade and quantity
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service

Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment


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