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General And Technical
Application For extraction of sugarcane juice at the farm level for making Gur and brown sugar
Type of machine Engine-operated or tractor PTO operated containing six (06) horizontal crushing rollers mounted on M.S. frame and fixed at cemented foundation/platform or fixed at a trolley for moveable operations
Linkage type 1-point hitch drawbar with two (02) transportation trolley tyres (for moveable machine only)
Power requirement 20 – 25 hp diesel engine or tractor PTO of 50 hp
Sugarcane crushing capacity 3 – 4 tonnes per hour
Crushing efficiency ≥ 75 %
Average juice recovery 65 %
Juice tank capacity 200 L
Crushing rollers clearance Adjustable through overhead screws
Power transmission Through gear train, gearbox, and C-type two V-belts
Overall Dimensions
Overall length 1900 ± 20 mm
Overall width with wheels 1300 ± 15 mm
Overall height 1100 ± 10 mm
Approximate weight 1750 kg
Material Specifications
Main frame Foundation M.S. channel 150 mm x 75 mm x 6 mm
Base Frame M.S. channel 175 mm x 75 mm x 6 mm with M.S. flats 75 mm x 12 mm and 225 mm x 12 mm, square bar 12 mm x 12 mm, and polish bar round 37 mm
Back cover M.S. plate 625 mm x 480 mm x 9 mm to mount feeding hopper
Left and right side covers M.S. sheet 885 mm x 810 mm x 2 mm (14 gauge) to cover gears
Top cover SS 316 sheet 18 gauge food grade
Juice tray SS 316 (food grade) sheet of 1.59 mm thickness (16 SWG) with dimensions 430 x 1160 mm x 165 mm
Feeding hopper and conveyor Hopper M.S. plate 4 mm thick and M.S. rollers 30 mm outer diameter
Crushing rollers Six (06) horizontal rollers have an outer diameter of 250 mm, and a length of 500 mm, the outer surface of rollers should be made of SS 316 food grade (at least 25 mm outer thickness) and may be filled with cast iron, the top three (03) rollers placed exactly above the bottom three (03) rollers (first two for feeding and crushing, next two rollers for pressing the crushed cane, and third two rollers for final squeezing the pressed cane), the diameter of roller shaft of 82 mm
Geometry of rollers First two deep V-grooved (depth of the groove is 12 mm) and others are plain with knurling
Speed of rollers 18 – 20 rpm
Gearbox Speed reduction gearbox having gears of medium carbon steel with HRC ≥ 45
Drive to rollers From engine to the gearbox through C-type V-belts and 608 mm, V-grooved pulley mounted on gearbox shaft, belts having a cover made of M.S. 16 gauge sheet, and from the gearbox to drive roller through a coupled shaft of 62 mm diameter, from drive roller to all other rollers through gear train of 11 gears mounted with the shafts of rollers on left and right sides, six (06) meshing gears of 280 mm outer diameter, 62 mm width and 26 teeth and five (05) drive gears having outer diameter 175 mm and with 62 mm and 15 teeth, the gear material is medium carbon steel with HRC ≥ 45
Origin Local
Paint Double coat with primer after the surface finish
Bearings (New) European standard or equivalent
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service

Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment


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