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The Wheat Seed Grader Cum Cleaner is a state-of-the-art agricultural machine tailored to grade and purify wheat seeds. By effectively separating seeds based on size and removing impurities, it ensures superior seed quality, paving the way for enhanced crop yields and robust wheat cultivation.



Application For cleaning and grading the wheat seed
Type of Machine Tractor-trailed
Drive system 02 hp electric motor 220 V, single phase, 1460 ± 25 rpm with on/off switch and PTO drive shaft of the tractor
Cleaning/grading system Pre-sieving
Feeding hopper capacity 100 kg, with adjustable feed control
Crank displacement & strokes 23 mm @ 250 ± 5 strokes/min
Grain/fraction outlets 04 Nos. chute type
Cradle inclination control Adjustable
Aspiration blower (balanced) 1 No., paddle type
U.J. Shaft provided
Tractor power 50 hp
Cleaning/grading capacity  0.5 tons/h
Cleaning/grading efficiency ≥ 80%
Overall Dimensions
Length (with tow hook) 3000 mm ± 30 mm
Width (with wheels) 1675 mm ± 15 mm
Height (with wheels) 1500 mm ± 15 mm
Weight (Approx.) 500 kg ± 10 kg
Material Specifications
Frame M.S. channel 75 × 35 × 5 mm and M.S. angle 50 × 6 mm with diagonal braces on the top and bottom
Hopper, cradle, blower, and housing 16 gauge M.S. sheet metal
Connecting rod (adjustable) M.S. round 19 mm, cold drawn
Sieves (replaceable) 18 gauge M.S. sheet metal
Upper sieve (Metallic frame) 915 × 915 mm, holes of 3 mm dia. (10%), holes of 5 mm dia. (40%) round perforations, and 50% blind
Middle (Metallic frame) 1065 × 915 mm, holes of 3 mm dia. (80%), and holes of 3.5 mm dia. (20%) round perforations (with 80 bouncing balls and 2 mm weld/woven wire mesh screen with 12 mm pitch)
Lower Metallic frame 915 × 915 mm, 2.5 mm dia. round perforations (with 64 bouncing balls and 2 mm weld/woven wire mesh screen with 12 mm pitch)
Blower and cam-shaft 35 mm M.S. cold drawn
PTO drive shaft M.S. pipe o.d. 35 mm, wall thickness 3 mm, and length 1750 mm with universal joints
Sheaves V-groove, C.I/M.S. balanced, with 2 mm wire or expanded metal mesh cover
Transport wheels 02 Nos., 4.50 – 12 with the telescopic mounting assembly
Cradle suspension 04 Nos. 50 × 2 mm M.S. flat with bushes
Tow hitch with hook stand M.S. channel 75 × 35 × 5 mm and M.S. plate 5 mm, 20 mm M.S. hook and 50 × 5 mm M.S. square box stand with brackets and grease system

Cam Shaft
Connecting rod


02 Nos. UCP 207
01 No. 6215
02 Nos. 6205
02 Nos. 6206

Wheels 02 Nos. 6206 & 02 Nos. 6205
Paint Double coat with primer after the surface finish
Bearings European Standard or equivalent
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service

Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment


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    Wheet seed cleaner is very helpful in the agriculture field.

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    This product is very helpful for my wheat crops. I am interested in it.

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    I am interested in this product. Soon I will be ordering it. Thank you

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    I like it. Best product.

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